Thursday, 23 November 2017

101 pleasures - part 2

How are you all? I am good, busy with work and busy with life. Between the two of us, Richard and I keep the boat floating so all is fine. We even managed a school science outreach double act on Tuesday, followed by a burger at Bread Meats Bread (it is good despite the irritating name). Sam joined us and it was rather nice to have dinner with our oldest. He complained bitterly about the hipster place but now wants to go back for his Birthday! Annie held the fort at home, cooking dinner for herself and the youngsters.

The children are operating within normal parameters, with the occasional 10 year old tantrum thrown in for good measure. It makes a change to the previous two weeks during which my parenting skills and the will to share the house with four children were challenged.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I have not much to share at the moment. I have however been adding to my list of 101 small pleasures. Indeed, I found this a very uplifting exercise. Thank you for sharing your own small pleasure in the comments of my previous 101 small pleasures post. In no particular order and far from complete, here are a few of your own small pleasures: Hena enjoys having the house to herself for a short while when the little ones are at school. This is a sentiment shared by CJ, who loves the peace and quiet of a solitary breakfast after school. Gina loved getting into an exhibition and cinema on concession tickets. Kristin found a missing sock inside the sleeve of a shirt. Seeing her son thriving at college and witnessing her daughter's passion for making a difference to social justice in her country makes her happy, too (I don't have a link for Kristin unfortunately).

11.  A glimpse of the blue sky
12.  Chicken and mushroom pie
13.  Spotting a teeny tiny wren just outside my house
14.  The sun warming my face
15.  Sam's unconditional offers for a University place
16.  Finding the little ones soundly asleep in one bed (the cat claiming the pillow, as she always does)
17.  An evening with friends, chatting about life and books
18.  Taking science to school and have the pupils help me diagnose a parasitic disease
19.  The yellow rudbeckia outside my window - still flowering
20.  Morton roll with tattie scone for lunch

If you want to see my first 10 small pleasures, here is the link.

I have misplaced my camera memory card and rarely use my phone to take pictures. The above is the meagre result of last week. It is a sweet photo despite the poor quality. We find James and Alistair like that quite often and always with the cat.

Have a lovely Friday. Thanks for stopping by. xx