Friday, 22 September 2017

sock knitting season - raspberry delight

It has been a while since I last knitted socks, which I love to wear when it gets cooler. Slowly but steady, my knitted disintegrated and It was time to make more. If you have been visiting here for a long time, 2014 was the year of socks, during which I designed and knitted a pair of sock every month in honour of my granny, a prolific sock knitter. I started with a simple sock, because that's what my granny liked, then a sock with a simple cable pattern down the sides. She knitted this fancy version sometimes, too. Thereafter I designed as I went along. I have not knitted socks since, I had a sock burn-out so to speak. I just don't find sock knitting interesting or challenging enough to keep my butterfly brain engaged. Alas, my granny is no longer with us and I have to make my own.

To my great surprise I didn't have a single skein of sock yarn in my stash. I haven't bought yarn in ages and ages!  I bought Fyberspates CoopKnits Socks yarn, you can find a link here but you can buy it elsewhere, no doubt. The colour is not completely solid, but ever so subtly speckled. I like this in a sock. I am not keen on self striping yarn for my socks because I prefer lace patterns and I think a plain yarn works better with lace. I am also can't be bothered with stripe matching even if it is just a teeny tiny effort. During my sock knitting year I tested many different yarns, some expensive, some cheap. My "tests" would not stand up to any scientific scrutiny! The majority of socks didn't last that long but my Fyberspates yarn socks (February 2014) are still going strong. I take this as a good sign. It is not exactly the same yarn but I am hopeful. The other sock yarn that I found very durable is Hazel Knits Artisan sock yarn. You can buy it here, it is expensive so maybe best use it for a special gift. Both wash well in the washing machine and have even been tumble dried on occasion.

The shade of this pair of socks is ruby but I call it raspberry because in my mind, rubies are a dark, deep red, not a hint of pink. Raspberry is one of my favourite colours. Ever. It is a colour that is really difficult to photograph, as you may have noticed.

The pattern is that of my very own June sock. It was probably my favourite sock pattern of the year of socks. It is not particularly challenging and suitable even for a beginner. The 2014 socks unfortunately didn't last but they were glorious while they did. The yarn was Wollmeise Twin, yarn for which aficionados are prepared to pay with their children. It is a gorgeous yarn but I don't think I'd use it for socks again.

I loved wearing these with my Kickers T-bar shoes. The shoes on the photos are my favourite shoes, Dr Martens Marlena with a high but sturdy heel. It is no longer made and the leather peeled of the wooden heels, making the shoes look a bit shabby. I coloured them black with felt tip pen but may have to do some real restoration work soon. I bought two pairs of the T-bar Kickers and may break the second pair in this winter.

This newest sock of mine is ok, I could have worked a little neater when picking up the stitches for the gusset but a few washes will even out even the wonkiest of stitches. Those of you with a keen eye to detail will have noticed that I didn't block these socks, just put them on my feet as soon as they were of the needles. And why not? I am already knitting another pair, this time using a shade of blue and a free Ravelry pattern. I'll show you this another time.

In the meantime, I'll be off camping for a few days (wearing my new socks of course). The children are off for 'September weekend' and tradition has it that we retreat into the wilderness with a group of friends for a few days of fun, companionship, campfires and cold nights. Lets hope the weather is good, or at least good enough! I'll be back with a full report next week.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I do love to read your comments, even if I don't often reply. I do visit your blogs (if you have one) and say hello there, if I can. It is a busy time in Higher Education but no doubt things will settle into a routine soon again - more time for fun! x